How to relax on holiday

How to relax on vacation: 8 tips

Finally, the time has come. Summer vacation has arrived. You’ve waited for this moment for soooo long. Relaxation can start now. You have trouble relaxing on your holiday? Then take advantage of our 8 tips to relax on vacation. Let the vacation en relaxation actually start now.

1. Prepare well for a relaxed vacation

It sounds like a logical first step. Because every holiday requires preparation, right? Unfortunately, preparation for work is still forgotten too often. So make sure you are not working at full speed until the last minute. Stop making last-minute appointments. Make sure that the last 3 days are at a slower pace, both at home and at work.

So don’t pack your suitcase at home last minute. Or arrange your work replacement on your last day at work. Make sure that you have transferred all your work details in time and that you can go home with a smile. When you arrive at home, make sure there will be only small things that need to be done. Things that do not cause stress and that allow you to relax more and more. Getting into the holiday spirit.

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2. Make good agreements with your colleagues

Good preparation does not only mean a complete transfer from work details. It is also very important that you make good and clear agreements with your colleagues. This prevents you from being disturbed during your vacation, due to unexplained situations.

Indicate clearly that you do not want to be disturbed. And when the transfer and the agreements are clear, that should not happen either. However, your position is such that you cannot let go of your work completely. Then agree that you first receive an app message before a call is made in connection with an emergency phone call. In this way, you give yourself time to determine when to plan a meeting. And you avoid being surprised by unexpected phone calls.

3. Don’t forget the out-of-office notification

Email is indispensable at work. An absence notification is therefore necessary. In this way, you inform customers and colleagues about your absence.

Ensure that a backup person is available for emergencies. Also, write this clearly in your absence notification. By writing a clear message, you can be sure that you will not be bothered during your vacation. It is best to activate this out-of-office notification one day before your holiday starts. And turn it off one day after your return. That gives peace of mind at the start of your vacation and also when you return to work. Certainly, after your holiday you first want to start off quietly. This works just a bit more pleasantly.

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4. If you have a voicemail, adjust it too

The voicemail of your work phone also works ideally as an absence notification. Record a new message and dictate clearly when you are back from vacation. And let them know whom the caller can contact in urgent cases. Preferably leave the work phone off during your vacation. Or at least, limit your listening to a maximum of once a day.

5. Do not leave for vacation immediately on day 1

To be able to switch off properly, to enjoy you vacation fully and to relax on your vacation, you can better not leave on day one. It is best to first take a few days off before you actually leave. This way you can prepare yourself and finish the last chores at home. This way you are very relaxed when you go on your way to a well-deserved vacation.

6. Make good agreements within the family

Going on a holiday also requires proper planning and clear agreements at home. Certainly when you have a job where you cannot be completely unreachable. To prevent misunderstandings or unpleasant situations during your holiday, it is best to be clear. Agree with your family on how and when you can be reached for work. This makes it very clear to everyone when you are working and when you have full attention for your family. Irritations will be prevented this way. After all, a holiday is meant to enjoy and recharge your energy with great family moments. It’s a way for everyone to be relax on vacation, and to prevent having unrealistic expectations.

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7. Help yourself to switch off faster and read a book

Your brain needs time to be in a different mode after a year of stress and deadlines. So it is really not uncommon if you keep wandering about work in your thoughts. To help yourself get into the holiday mode faster, you can read a book. If you read a good book, it will take you into the storyline. Your brain stops thinking about work. After all, you will be lost in the book. You will notice that after a few days any thoughts about work or the office have disappeared from your mind. You have put your brain into vacation mode. This way your brain can actually relax, which is very healthy and an important step to prevent any burnout issues.

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8. Hold on to the holiday feeling

Everything comes to an end. And unfortunately, that fantastic holiday too. Therefore, do not immediately step into the speed and stress of work. Try to hold on to the peace that you feel in your body and mind, and continue the relax and healthy lifestyle. Don’t let your brain work at full speed immediately, but stretch out that relaxed feeling a bit. Therefore, do not immediately plan your agenda for the first few days. Leave space for a quiet start-up period. That will only benefit your state of mind and your health.

Aren’t you going on vacation this summer? Then take the summer period to organize everything well in the office. Get things done that normally you don’t have time for. For example, by tidying things up and work in a quieter pace of work. This way you can create a little holiday mood as well and you’ll be all relax and prepared for when your colleagues return from their holidays.

9. Bonus: Travel sustainable and responsible

Did you know that travel account for about 5-10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions? And did you know that travel goes hand in hand with lots of pollution? Trying to minimise these effects not only helps you have a nice holiday, it also gives you and the people you come in contact with a good feeling.

Fortunately, there’s ways to travel more sustainable. For example you can try to fly less. If you do fly, at least try to offset your flight’s carbon emissions.

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