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A healthy lifestyle – How does that work?

A healthy lifestyle. Immediately we think about exercising a lot and eating very healthy stuff. Health is a difficult subject, because how do you do that? The good news is that you can learn how to change your current lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to know how simple that is? Then read the tips below to get started.

Carbohydrates – Why do we all love them?

What is healthy?

When do you call something healthy? What is a healthy lifestyle? Or when do you live healthy? It’s a difficult issue, as healthiness has a different meaning for everyone. Everybody knows that nutrition and sports are part of a healthy lifestyle. But how much exercise and which foods are healthy, differ per person. I think healthy means what you feel comfortable with. It is a journey of discovery that you have to do yourself. In this way, you develop a lifestyle that feels really good. And in the end, this is how you’ll be healthy.

Learn good habits, leave the bad ones

A healthy way of life involves mapping your personal habits. What are your good habits and where can you make some improvements? In addition, you can also create a wish list of good habits that you would like to introduce to your life. Good habits that you would like to teach yourself. For example, as a new habit you could drink an extra glass of water a day. Or eat an extra piece of fruit, a walk after dinner or cook more often at home if you normally don’t do that.

Diets and overeating, get rid of it

Often we are full of motivation to start a new diet. We must succeed. Until the feeling of hunger takes over our control. Then we eat and do not stop eating until we feel guilty. Like indulging ourselves in chips or pizza. Too often dieting is followed by overeating. So there is actually no balance at all.

Stop imposing a diet on yourself from now on. Listen to your body. It tells you what it needs. If you start drinking enough water you will notice that you are less hungry. Then you can actually listen to what your body wants to eat, and you notice that it is always different. One day you just want healthy meals. But there are also days when you are longing for something greasy. As long as there is a balance there is no problem. Eating a salad does not feel like punishment and the fries do not feel like sinning. When you feel it is right, then you have found your balance.

Eat unhealthy if you really want it

Eat what you want

It is a good rule. Are you about to eat something unhealthy, ask yourself if you really want it. Because how often do you not get tempted. How often there are cookies, tarts, and a glass of wine or a cappuccino with whipped cream offered. It is all so incredibly tasty, but unfortunately you cannot eat everything that is tasty. So ask yourself, am I really looking forward to this? If the answer is yes, go for it. And enjoy to the fullest. By consciously eating tasty food, it is also easier to say no at other times.

And trust me: the healthier your lifestyle is, the less you’ll long for unhealthy stuff. Step by step you’ll discover that unhealthy food doesn’t make you feel good, while healthy food makes you feel great.

You don’t eat what you don’t have at home

It sounds logical and it is. If you do not see unhealthy food at home, the need is much smaller. If your refrigerator is filled with vegetables, then you prepare the meal with those vegetables. But is your refrigerator mainly filled with cake? Then you eat the cake so that it wouldn’t be lost. There are also many delicious fruit recipes available online for the sweet hunger. Of course fruit also contains fruit sugars. But be honest, it is always better than half a bar of chocolate. So do not be too strict on yourself.

Prepare your meals before you get hungry

Especially in the beginning it can be tricky, when you are trying to get a healthy life. It is a good tip to think in advance what you will eat the next day. The best thing is to have all the ingredients ready. And the second tip is, start cooking before you feel hungry. Because as soon as you get hungry, you are actually too late. Then the energy level becomes lower and the urge for sugar increases. The pitfall is that you put aside the healthy meal and opt for a quick snack. Simply to satisfy your hunger. So know what you are going to cook and start on time!

Avoid stress

Stress can go two ways. Your stomach blocks and your appetite decreases. Or your appetite increases enormously to compensate the stress. Stress is never a good thing, not for your body and not for your mind. Get a brake on time when you feel stressed. Because stress and a healthy lifestyle unfortunately do not go together.

Enjoy meals

How do you stay motivated?

How can you continue be motivated? It is a question that many ask themselves. Because without motivation, you will not get far. Not even if you want to live a healthier life. It is important to listen carefully to yourself.

  • Stop denying things to yourself. That creates stress. Because everything you are not allowed to eat, you are longing for.
  • Ensure peace in your life and give it time. Give yourself time to find the right balance that is right for you.
  • A healthy lifestyle is not a competition. It does not have to be ready within a certain time.
  • Start today and be proud of the little moments of happiness you have had every day.
  • See how you change slowly and see how you become more positive in life.
  • If you like green vegetables, eat extra green vegetables. Do you like sports? Go for it. Would you rather opt for a yoga session at home in front of the TV, buy a yoga mat and enjoy it.

It is the small step that will help you move forward and that keeps you motivated.

There is only one rule: enjoy your life and relax

Make sure you get started with a positive mindset. Do not think too big, but make it small and well arranged. If you like chocolate: from now on eat two pieces instead of a whole bar. Or are you crazy about chips: then buy a small bag instead of a large bag. You do not have to deny it, adjust it all a bit.

Do what feels comfortable for you. Then you will find your way to a healthy life.

Changing your habits takes time. Allow yourself the time and enjoy your life.

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